“It is with paternal satisfaction that the Holy Father views the efforts of the members of the National Association of Priest Pilots to encourage the use of air transportation to obtain ever more abundant spiritual fruits from their sacerdotal ministry and missionary apostolate.”

The Vatican, September 29, 1964.


1. To promote the use of private aircraft as a practical, safe, and efficient tool of the apostolic work of a priest.

2. To cooperate with other aviation and ecclesiastical groups wherever possible in order to promote aviation in the cause of the     Church.

3. To insist on the safe and proficient use of the airplane by its members.

4. To encourage the use of private aircraft as worthy of the talents and dignity of priests.

5. To further the use of aircraft in the missions.


Government: Executive Board consists of President, 1st and 2nd Vice Presidients, Secretary and treasurer, elected by regular members.  Newsletter editor ex-officio member.

Division:  Geographical United States divided into regions.  Each region has a director who is on the Executive Board.

Kinds of Memberships and Requirements

Charter: priest who became a member by August 1, 1964.  Dues: $25.00/year

Regular: any priest in good standing who holds or ever held a valid pilot license.  Dues: $25.00/year

Associate: any ordained Catholic priest or deacon in good standing, male or female religious, seminarian or lay person who supports the purposes of NAPP.  Dues: $25.00/year

Complimentary: anyone meeting the above requirements but unable to pay the $25.00 annual dues.

Who are the Members?

Since its humble beginnings in the 1964, the National Association of Priest Pilots has become an international group of “Flying Priests.”   The membership roster lists men and women from as far north as Alaska all the way to southern Brazil.  Members are to be found in European and African Countries, as well as Australia and some of the Pacific Isles.

Hierarchically charter and regular members, Secular and Religious Order, rank from Archbishops to newly ordained Associate Pastors.  Associate members are men and women from all walks of life supportive of the purposes and goals of NAPP.  Whatever the type of membership, all value the special bond that exists among the members.

In the skies, NAPP members hold almost all FAA licenses and ratings.  They range from ATP to student pilot, multi and single engine land and sea, helicopter, instrument and flight instructor.

NAPP is fast becoming recognized as a viable group within the Church to expedite the use of the airplane in evangelization.  Each year a financial contribution is made to a member who uses the airplane in missionary work.  NAPP members have been instrumental in obtaining a few airplanes in mission lands.

As a group of flyers, the “Flying Padres” rate as one of the safest, most experienced group of non-professional pilots.