March 8, 1969 REV KARL KURT Iowa Falls, IA Lung Disease
October 11, 1969 MSGR DONALD M CLEARY Ithaca, NY Natural Causes
August 17, 1973 REV CYRIL J SCHLARMAN Peoria, ILSouth Africa Hit Mountain
November 6, 1973 REV JOE FOX Chapel, JFK Airport, NY Mid Air, NY
Nov 27, 1973 REV GEORGE BALDWIN Scranton, PA Hit Mountain
October 14, 1975 REV DON MURRAY Sky Ranch, SD Crashed T.O.
March 29, 1976 REV LEO FOHL Wheeling, KY Natural Causes
October 2, 1976 REV JAMES HARNEY Louisville, KY Hit Phone Pole
Nov 20, 1976 REV BILL WOODS, Maryknoll Ixcan, Guatemala Poss. Sabotage
March 1, 1979 MAX CONRAD Summit, NJ Natural Causes
September 5, 1979 REV CLEMENT BORCHER, Glenmary Georgia Drowning
September 1980 REV JOHN P KULUND Patchogue, NY Cause Unknown
Dec 19, 1983 REV GENE McCAHEY Chicago, IL Natural Causes
Sept 25, 1984 REV JAMES A BLACK Nashville, TN Cancer
June, 1985 REV WM L UPDEGRAF, OP Louisiana Plane Crash
December 3, 1985 REV ERV WEBER Nebraska Cancer
Dec 18, 1985 REV TED CONWAY Shanklin, England Natural Causes
January 11, 1985 REV HENRY WECKERLE Savanna, IL Plane Crash
April 1986 REV JOE TEFOE Freeport, IL Cancer
February 20, 1987 REV RICHARD K SMITH, OSA North Bend, OR Hit Mountain
June, 1987 REV SEBASTIAN PAJDZIK Salem, PA Natural Causes
August 23, 1987 REV RICHARD REDER Brooklyn, NY Plane Crash
Nov 26, 1987 BOB WENDELN, Co-Founder San Diego, CA Natural Causes
August 1, 1988 REV HENRY HAACKE, Co-Founder Ft Wright, NY Cancer
September 1, 1989 REV PAUL O’CONNOR Las Vegas, NV Gehrig Disease
February 26, 1992 BISHOP JOSE LLAGUNO Sisoguichi, Mexico Cancer
January 6, 1994 REV BERNARD McMEEL, SJ Havre, MT Natural Causes
August 6, 1994 REV VICTOR SCHOENBERGER Rensselaer, NY Natural Causes
Sept 25, 1994 REV RAYMOND RADZIETA Buckhannon, WV Natural Causes
Dec 19, 1994 REV RAY McKEE, CSSR Liguori, MO Natural Causes
February 5, 1995 REV JOHN MACGILLIVARAY Antigonish, Nova Scotia Natural Causes
February 19, 1995 REV ALDEN THORALSEN San Antonio, TX Cancer
January 24, 1996 MSGR W B BAUER Moville, IA Natural Causes
May 1, 1996 REV JOSEPH J WEINZAPFEL Muenster, TX Natural Causes
July 14, 1996 REV WILLIAM TRAVERS Fairfield, CA Natural Causes
August 13, 1997 REV MSGR ALEXANDER O SIGUR Crowley, LA Natural Causes
October 10, 1997 REV JOHN A DOMPKA Pittsburg, PA Natural Causes
Dec 12, 1997 REV STEPHEN J WOLAN Wheeling, WV Natural Causes
January 17, 1998 REV JOHN LAWLER Brighton, MA Crash Induced
March 17, 1998 REV RICHARD SKRIBA Chicago, IL Natural Causes
October 30, 1998 REV JOHN BRICKLEY Dubuque, IA Natural Causes
August 21, 1999 MOST REV LEO ARKFELD, SVD Wewak, New Guinea Natural Causes
August 29, 1999 REV THOMAS BRADY Montreal, Canada Natural Causes
January 7, 2000 ABBOT CHARLES CORISTON, OSB St Paul’s Abbey, NJ Natural Causes
February 19, 2000 REV MSGR ROBERT J SENNOTT Boston, MA Natural Causes
April 15, 2000 BP THOMAS LOBSINGER, OMI Yukon Territory, Canada Plane Crash
July, 2000 ANTHONY J FACCIOLO Pennsylvania Natural Causes
August 6, 2000 BP MICHAEL KANIECKI, SJ Emmonak, AK Natural Causes
April 8 2001 P FRANCISO CHAVEZ ACOSTA Mexico Plane Crash
June 27, 2001 REV EARLE A NEWMAN, SJJ Baltimore, MD Natural Causes
July 6, 2001 REV ARTHUR KLEVE Mason City, IA Natural Causes
August 20, 2001 REV BRIAN BALLARD, OMI Valemount, BC Plane Crash
October 13, 2001 MSGR JOSEPH G GEFELL Watertown, NY Natural Causes
Nov 11, 2001 MSGR GILMAN CHALOULT Caribou, ME Natural Causes
January 8, 2002 REV TONY GENDUSA, MSC Pleasant Prairie, WI Natural Causes
March 23, 2002 REV JAMES KELLEY Dillingham, AK Plane Crash
June 21, 2002 MSGR WILLIAM M ROCHE Rochester, NY Cancer
Nov 15, 2003 REV JOHN L LYSOGORSKI Albany, NY Stroke
February 16, 2004 FRANK WEIDINGER Camas, WA Parkinson
Sept 27, 2004 REV NATHAN PACKARD Morris, MN Plane Crash
November 4, 2004 REV JOHN BELLON, C.SS.R Ligouri, MO Natural Causes
September 4, 2005 REV ROBERT POOL Topeka, KS Lung Cancer
November 3, 2005 REV ROBERT KIRSCH Albuquerque, NM Cancer
March 16, 2006 REV MSGR ROBERT G HOGAN Clear Lake, IA Natural Causes
April 3, 2006 REV JAMES KREMEIER Las Animas, CO Natural Causes
Nov 15, 2006 REV DAVID HOGAN Sioux City, IA ALS
Nov 23, 2006 REV JOHN LYSOGORSKI Latham, NY Brain Aneurysm
December 1, 2006 REV VINCENT MERFELD Columbia, SC Natural Causes
January 8, 2007 REV MSGR ANTOINE ATTEA Jamestown, NY Plane Crash
August 12, 2007 REV CHARLES B TEUFEL Wheeling, WV Natural Causes
Dec 19, 2007 CARMEN MARCHIOLE Lockport, NY Natural Causes
May 6, 2008 REV COLIN O’ROURKE, OFM Ringwood, NJ Natural Causes
November 2, 2008 REV JOHN J FRIEDERICK Dubuque, IA Natural Causes
Decr 14, 2008 BETTY PUHL Bridgeville, PA Causes Natural Causes
February 6, 2009 REV MSGR GERARD J GEFELL Watertown, NY Natural Causes
October 6, 2009 REV ED MURRAY Storm Lake, IA Cancer
May 25, 2010 REV JEROME MACHLIK Shelby Township, MI Natural Causes
May 26, 2010 BILL BROWNE Pittsburg, PA Natural Causes
August 9, 2011 REV MICHAEL J DEVANEY, OMI Columbus, OH Natural Causes
October 15, 2011 LEO McGee Darby, PA Natural Causes
Dec 20, 2011 JERRY WIGHTMAN Phoenix, AZ Natural Causes
February 16, 2012 MSGR EDWARD HIGGINS Peoria, IL Parkinson
March 15, 2012 REV HUGH CONNAGHAN, OSA Carthage, NY Natural Causes
Cedar Falls, IA Pancreatic Cancer
June 20, 2012 REV MSGR WM S  BEVINGTON Hendersonville, TN Cancer
August 8, 2012 REV JOHN T “Knobby” WALSH Rochester, NY Natural Causes
Sebring, FL Natural Causes
September 4, 2013 MSGR LEON DO BOSIEWICZ Lake Wales,FL Natural Causes
October 1, 2013 TOM BISHOP
Palmer, AK Natural Causes
Dubuque, IA Natural Causes
May, 2014 DEACON THOMAS E. JONES Albuquerque, NM Natural Causes
Sept 26, 2014 REV THOMAS GEELAN Ruthven, IA Natural Causes
June 21, 2015 EVERETT HILLER Scales Mound, IL Natural Causes
September 27, 2015 TJ SCANLAN Clay City, IL Natural Causes
October 30, 2015 JOHN KINSLER Saginaw, MI Natural Causes
January 1, 2016 MSGR Thomas Weinzapfel Garland, TX  Natural Causes
January 10, 2016 ARCHBISHOP Francis T Hurley Anchorage, AK Natural Causes
May 15, 2016 REV JAMES KIERNAN Des Moines, IA Natural Causes
June 16, 2016 REV FRANCIS J NEMMERS Algona, IA Natural Causes
June 16, 2016 Rev. NICHOLAS ROSSELLO Tonawanda, NY Natural Causes

Included in this list:

 Air show pilot, HAROLD KRIER, honorary NAPP

member killed while testing an experimental plane around 1970

HAROLD gave an air show at the charter gathering.

MAX CONRAD, the famous flying grandfather,

world flying record holder and featured speaker at the

NAPP Charter Banquet July 15, 1964.

MAX was found dead in a New Jersey motel in 1979

 after completing a ferry trip from Europe.